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Custom Design and Manufacture 

Engagement rings to special gifts. Anything you can think of!

Work with me to design and create your own one-off piece. How amazing is it to say you created the jewellery on your wrist or your loved one’s finger! Maybe you have a few loose stones you would like made into a ring or incorporated into a bracelet., come and speak with me. This is my passion.

I also offer CAD (Computer - aided design) to help illustrate what we are making and get you exactly what you want.


Repairs of all kinds from out-of-shape rings, missing stones to broken chains or settings. Below is a list of just some of the services I can provide:

  • Resizing
  • Polishing and Rhodium plating
  • Gold + black ruthenium plating
  • Resetting + tightening stones
  • Laser repairs
  • Chain repairs
  • Re-tipping claws
  • Replacing worn settings or parts
  • and all round general wizardry 


If a ring or pendant is worn, damaged or nearing the end of its life, then re-creating it using the same materials and stones is a great alternative


If you have old heirlooms, unused rings or maybe a piece that’s just not quite your style, why not have it remodelled. Transform an old piece using its original materials into a new piece and something you would love to wear.



Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, every now and again jewellery is lost or stolen. Why not have it insured. As a registered jeweller for Q Report I can fill out all the details of your precious piece and have it insured before its even left my workshop.

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